BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber Laptop Armor

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I’m not going to lie. I’m a little obsessed with keeping my Macbook, my iPhone, and my iPad safely free of scuffs and other cosmetic damage. Part of that is because I’m an early adopter so I end up selling “old” devices on Ebay, and I feel like there’s no better karma than providing someone with a nice well maintained used item.

Enter laptop skins.

For a long time I’ve been a fan of laptop covers of all types, from the Speck hard case to the tight fitting Zagg skins, but I found that the hard cases add too much bulk, and Zagg, while being very high quality, is a nightmare to apply to a laptop, and there’s just something unnerving about a wet application to a sensitive electronic device.

I recently learned about the extremely cool looking BodyGuardz carbon fiber armor… so I had to give it a try. I ordered it directly from BodyGuardz and it came in a little under a week, rolled up in a tube.

So, the first thing I recommend is take it out, flatten it, and put it under something heavy and flat for a few days to make the application easier.

Carbon Fiber Body Armor? Yes please!

Carbon Fiber Body Armor? Yes please!

It comes with protection for the top, bottom, and sides, and took no more than 15 minutes to apply properly. Unlike the Zagg covers, I wasn’t left with a lot of annoying air bubbles either, and of course BodyGuardz provides nice instructional videos on YouTube and right on their site.

Once applied, the armor looks REALLY slick and has a nice tactile feel to it. I’ve had several comments from co workers and random people in Starbucks about how cool it looks.

The full set of Armor is $50 and is available in Red, Black and White, which is slightly cheaper than the Zagg skin, and of course comes with a similar lifetime warranty. It’s good to know they stand by the product.

If you’re in the market for a unique change to the look of your device and want to keep it looking pristine… definitely give BodyGuardz a look!


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