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One of the few annoying things I’ve found about mobile phones including the iPhone is the lack of good simple solutions for propping them up while I’m working away at my desk or on my nightstand especially. It’s rather annoying to find a great bedside alarm clock app only to have to prop up my phone and have it slide down in the middle of the night!

Enter the Blue Lounge Milo. The Milo’s design is rather interesting. The “sticky” part that holds your device in place is actually a micro-suction area which can be easily cleaned with scotch tape if it ever loses its grip. It works super well with non porous surfaces line the iPhone’s glass back, or a plastic case, but not so well with more porous cases, like the one I’ve been using, the Solo from iSkin. No worries, though, you can just securely prop it up in either landscape or portrait mode.

Milo's Micro Suction

Milo’s Micro Suction

The bottom of the Milo also has a micro suction area which holds nicely on your non porous desk!

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Milo, although it’s definitely not travel friendly as its going to take up a bit of space in your bag… but for home use, absolutely!

Milo is prices at $19.95 and is available on Amazon.



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