Hyperjuice Mac Battery (Formerly “HyperMac”)

As someone who has to travel a lot for work, I often spend stretches of time on planes browsing the web or working or watching movies, and while some airlines are figuring out how to supply power for laptops, many others aren’t.

That brings me to the Hyperjuice Laptop battery for macs. These suckers REALLY extend the usable life of your Mac, and come in sizes of 60, 100, 150, and 222 Wh, and also offer a 10W USB to charge your iPad or iPhone (or anything really) .. at the same time! Cool, right?

HyperJuice 60Wh


In the old days, Hypershop used to offer a magsafe cable compatible with MacBooks, but unfortunately, that’s a but of a no no and Apple sued them for patent violation. Not to worry though, the clever folks at Hypershop have come up with a solution. Two solutions in fact! In order to get the newly renamed Hyperjuice battery with your mac you can

1. Use the Apple Magsafe Airline Adapter with the battery (this requires no modifications)

2. Splice in the “Magic Box” (sold separately) to your existing magsafe adapter. Not ideal, and not as elegant as the old solution, but certainly acceptable. How long can you use your Macbook with these batteries? You may not believe this… but… a LONG TIME!

It of course depends on the Macbook, but with the largest battery you can expect to go outlet free for almost 37 hours. I included the chart at the bottom.

They’re not cheap, but if you travel, I really recommend them 60Wh ($175) 100Wh ($275) 150Wh ($350) 222Wh ($459)

Hyperjuice Mac Performance

Hyperjuice Mac Performance


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