Hack Things Better with Sugru

I came across Sugru on Fab.com, a daily deal site for cool, high-design stuff.

Essentially, Sugru is sort of like Silly Putty – a soft touch silicone rubber that molds and sets permanently.  The inventors see it as goop that allows creative people to hack the things they already own – to make them better, more useful, and just plain cooler.

You open the sealed packet of putty, roll it in your fingers, and mold it and/or stick it to whatever you want to hack.  The Sugru website has lots of images of what Sugru enthusiasts have made/fixed/hacked.  Here’s a Sugru blog post on how to use it and a couple of Legos to create a USB cable hanger. I could go on and on trying to explain all the cool things you can do with Sugru, but, your best bet is to check out the pictures, or this video from the inventor:

My first hack was to reinforce my Apple iPhone ear buds. I was always concerned that the part where the cord goes into the bud would get caught on something, like my coat collar, and rip it apart.  So, I added a bit of the goop to the appropriate parts, and let it cure overnight (instructions say let it cure for 24 hours).

Here is an invitation to join Fab.com, so you can keep up on the cool stuff they offer.

Check out Sugru on the web, or on their Facebook page

I’m sure you want to buy some and start hacking: Buy Sugru here.

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  1. TechieJohn says:

    This is really interesting. I’d never heard of it.. but I MUST have some immediately. COOL!!!

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