This Is Your Life. Do what you love, and do it often.

Welcome to the New Year’s Edition of All the Coolest Stuff.

A little inspiration today from a really cool product: The Holstee Manifesto Poster.  I found this and bought one for each of my family members.  Of course, I got one for myself, as well.  It’s on my bedroom wall and I read it everyday.

I love the design, as well as the message.  The font is bold and clear.  The 18″ x 24″ poster is printed on recycled paper (of course) with a Heidelberg letterpress machine.  This creates a deep impression on the paper, revealing the indentation of each letter on the back of the poster.

I won’t go on and on about the message, you can read it and interpret it for yourself.  It does remind me on one of my favorite quotes from my favorite book, Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk.  “This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.”  It may sound negative, or even morbid, but when you really think about it, especially in the context of the book, it’s actually rather inspirational.  If you’ve never read the book (even if you’ve  seen the movie), you should.  (Amazon link to Fight Club).  If you haven’t see the movie, you should see it after you read the book.  Here is a YouTube clip and a link to buy Fight Club, the movie,
on Amazon.



The Holstee Manifesto also comes on a greeting card.

this is your life greeting cards

Finally, here is a nice, short YouTube clip of the Holstee Manifesto in action.

Get your poster today.  Here.  This Is Your Life. Do what you love, and do it often. About $38 on Amazon. 


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  1. Mary says:

    Thanks so much for the shout Patrick! Much love from all of us at Holstee HQ.

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