Use DropBox to access your computer files from anywhere.

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DropBox = all your files available wherever you have internet access.

Store. Search. Share.

Is there anything better than DropBox?
No. There is nothing better.  Nothing.  Not puppies. Not rainbows.  Not unicorns flying over rainbows with puppies on their backs.  Every time I use it (everyday) I am so happy that Drew Houston had this idea and executed it so well.


It’s dead simple.  Save files to your DropBox folder on your PC or Mac, and they automatically sync to the DropBox folder in the cloud (at and on any other computers on which you install DropBox.  Now you can get to those files from your DropBox-installed computers, or from any computer with a web browser at

You can get a free 2GB DropBox account with this link.

And don’t think the free account is a cheapo, watered-down version.  I have had the free account from day one.  Once you sign up and share with your friends, you get additional free space for your files (by using a referral link, like mine).  I’m up to 6GB (and it’s not even half full).

Don’t think about it.  Just do it.

You will thank me for it.


Oh, did I mention the lightning-fast search?  Try to find a file on your PC this fast. Of course, if you have a Mac, then you’re used to finding files fast with Spotlight, but PC users will love it.  The results show up as you type. 














Got files that are too big to send as email attachments?  Use DropBox.  Simply set up a shared folder and invite people to access it and download the files.  Goodbye complicated FTP sites.

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