Twelve South Magic Wand

I recently started a project at my company’s “Solution Center” and for the next 3-5 months I’ve actually found myself with a consistent place to sit… a giant monitor for my Macbook Pro, and an ergonomic seat. It’s insane. I love it. I’m getting used to using my Magic Trackpad and my Bluetooth Mac Keyboard, but I find it annoying that they arent connected.

Well, good news. Twelve South, a company that really seems to get the idea of good, ergonomic design has my back with the “Magic Wand“. It’s an amazingly simple concept, as you can see. Basically, it’s a simple plastic tube into which you clip your keyboard and trackpad so they feel as if they’re one unit.


Admittedly on a desktop you can just place the two right next to eachother without too much trouble, but if you have a Mac Mini attached to your TV, for example, and find yourself with the keyboard and trackpad on your lap often, the Magic Wand will REALLY increase your quality of life.

Definitely recommended.

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