Curved Shower Curtain Rod and Anti-Mildew Shower Curtain Liner

After spending a lot of time in hotel rooms lately, I noticed that the showers always seem so roomy compared to mine at home.  Then I noticed something: almost all of the hotel showers had curved shower curtain rods.  I love the extra room that the curved rod provides.  No longer do I inadvertently rub up against the cold, wet (sometimes not-so-clean) shower curtain liner.  After installing the curved rod, the shower is a completely different experience. Really.  There is so much room in there.  It’s great.  Highly recommended.  And, at about $25, the model I got was a good deal and easy to install.  The Zenith Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod is available on Amazon.  I’m very pleased with it and it’s definitely one of the cooler things I found this year.

On a related note, I upped my shower curtain liner game, too.  For years I just bought the cheapo, thin shower curtain liner that I picked up at the drug store.  Like New York City street umbrellas, they last about five minutes, but are cheap and easy to replace.  Well, I got tired of trying to clean them and replacing them so frequently.  So, taking another page from the hotel bathroom book, I sought out a higher quality liner.  I found the Maytex No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner.  This thing is the Cadillac of shower curtain liners.  As the name implies, it resists mildew very well.  It wipes down easily, and is made of a heavy gauge vinyl — not thin plastic.  It also has rust-proof metal grommets, for durability.   At around $18, it’s a bit more expensive than the cheap things, but well worth it.  Again, highly recommended.

Pairing these two new shower accessories has turned my shower experience around.  Check them out.  Here are some quick, easy links:



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