Star of David Hanukkah Christmas Tree Topper, Interfaith Holiday Music

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you have friends who are in inter-faith relationships, it can be difficult to know how to label your gifts.  Christmas?  Hanukkah?  Kwanzaa?  Whoever celebrates whatever, it’s all good.

For my Jewish-Christian friends, here is the perfect thing: A Star of David Hanukkah Christmas Tree Topper. $24.

Need some music to go along with that?  Well, here’s a nice collection of songs sure to make all of your guests happy: Interfaith Holiday Music: Hanukkah & Christmas Songs. $9.

And, if you want a story to go along with your music and decorations, here’s a book called Holiday Miracles: A Christmas/Hanukkah Story by Ellyn Bache. It’s a “heartwarming story [that] is truly an interfaith tale, a profile of a family in which the mother is Jewish and the father Christian. $15.


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