The Best Soap to Give as a Gift: Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

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Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap ($5.50 & up) is a great gift.  I received a bar of this stuff for Christmas.  My first reaction was to the really cool box, a happy blue and white design — the anchor kind of looks like a smile.  Next, I was captured by the scent.  It’s fresh, crisp, and salty.  I couldn’t wait to use it.

The soap lathers really well and smells even better than when it’s in the box.  It’s quite refreshing and kind of wakes you up in the morning.  Since it is made with salt from sea water, you would think that it would dry your skin, but the opposite is true.  It actually has a softening effect.  Using the bar directly on your skin has an exfoliating effect, thanks to the tiny flakes of salt in the soap.  It feels great.  The soap is also recommended for shaving, and I can confirm that it works really well for that too.

Despite that the name of the soap is Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap, it’s actually made in the USA (Rhode Island, to be precise) by the Kala Corporation.

buy sea salt soapIn addition to the Sea Salt Soap, this company has all types of interesting soaps for sale, including:

  • Joy Soap
  • Egg White Facial Soap
  • Peace Soap
  • Hope Soap
  • Faith Soap

Now, if the Sea Salt Soap, or any of the others are not high-end enough for you, here is a bunch of soap that had better be good, based on the outrageous prices.


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  1. TechieJohn says:

    I just ordered one! Good recommendation.

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