Buy iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Lightning Cables For Less

lightning cableIf you have an iPhone 5 or a new iPad or iPad Mini, then you know that Apple switched from the 30 pin connector cable to a smaller 8 pin connector called the Lightning connector.  If you buy them from Apple, they’re expensive ($19).  You want to save a few bucks, but beware the cheap knock-offs.  They often don’t work at all or fall apart quickly.  Many are not even certified by Apple as compatible with the new iOS devices.  Always look for the “Made for iPhone…iPad, etc.” logo on the package to ensure certification.

The good news is that there are a couple options to buy iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Lightning cables at a discount.

First, you can get genuine Apple Lightning to USB cables for a little less if you buy them at  While Amazon prices fluctuate during the day, the price for this on Amazon tends to stick right at $17.  That’s a 10% discount.  Pretty nice.

Your second option is the Amazon brand cable.  Amazon’s brand is called AmazonBasics.  They carry a bunch of high-quality stuff — mostly tech stuff like cables, keyboards, camera equipment, etc. — under this brand.  You can get Amazon’s USB to Lightning cable (which is Apple certified) for about $15 — that’s 21% less expensive than buying the cable from Apple.  At this price, you can afford two!

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