Duct Tape Art Work

Duct Tape Phone This one falls into the so-cool-that-I-don’t-know-what-to-say category.

Over the years people have used duct tape for just about every quick fix you can think of, from sealing duct work (shocker!) to hemming pants in a pinch.  It was all about utility.  Then something changed.  People started to stretch the creative boundaries of the stuff.  The first thing I remember seeing that pushed the duct tape envelope was a man’s wallet made of it.  This arguably had a functional purpose, but I can only imagine that it was primarily made as a fashion statement (what that statement was, I don’t know).

More recently, I had noticed various colors of duct tape for sale at the hardware store.  First, I noticed standard colors, like blue, red, green, etc. – instead of the classic gray.  Then the colors got bolder.  Hot pink, neon green, electric yellow.  Why would anyone need hot pink duct tape, I wondered.  Then it hit me that this utilitarian staple was being used for artistic purposes.

Recently, I came across a friend’s Facebook post of a picture of an old rotary phone (cool in and of itself) that was blinged out with the coolest collection of duct tape I had ever seen.  This got me curious: what had others done?  Enter Google Image Search.  Be careful, once you start looking at these works of art (?), you can’t look away.

If my friend’s phone has inspired you, and you want to create next sticky masterpiece, then here are some supplies that you’ll need:

Cool Duct Tape Colors and Patterns:

With Spring Break coming up, you might need some arts and craft ideas for the little ones – to occupy their time.  This might be the key to hours of fun.

Need more ideas or inspiration, here are a bunch of random duct tape patterns and kits on Amazon.  Click around and be inspired.

Here is some inspiration for you:

duct tape art

Bonus: as I was looking around, I found the coolest duct tape work yet: Tyler Durden from Fight Club in duct tape.

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