Cadbury Creme Egg – an Easter Classic

Cadbury_Creme_Egg_single_2With Easter fast approaching, you probably need to stock up on some stuff.  I don’t know about you, but probably the one thing that I associate with Easter more than anything is the Cadbury Creme Egg.  It’s a classic.

I remember, as a child, hunting for those little plastic eggs in the yard, but we all wanted the Cadbury eggs that we back in the house in some nice wicker Easter basket.

I’m not a big consumer of candy, but I wouldn’t mind sinking my teeth in to one of these this year.

I love how one person put it in an Amazon review: “Delicious fake confectionery egg. I’ve bought one of these at least every Easter and probably more, They’re delicious and horrible for you, everything you could want out of a holiday candy.”  Right on.

Remember this commercial from the late 1980s?  Happy Easter “Bok bok.”

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