Infinite Cloud Storage for $99/year? Yep.

I’m a fan of backups. I have a bootable backup of my machine, I use Dropbox, and I use Time Machine. The problem has always been that I have a ton of movie files I want to keep, but its simply too expensive to get an account on DropBox large enough to store them, so I use a Drobo, which is prone to failures.. I’ve had many a friend suffer the Drobo heartbreak.


Enter Bitcasa. Bitcasa is a new service that is similar to Dropbox in that it mirrors some (or all) of your files. I’m currently uploading 500GB of stuff from my laptop and another 256GB of stuff from my Macbook Air.. and my plan is to also upload the contents of my Drobo, and then get rid of it!

Once uploaded, the files are available anywhere, and if you get a new computer or want to simply recover something, it’s all nice save and (256bit encrypted!) secure.

Try it free for a month and let me know what you think!


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