The Best Hand Soap For Kids: Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse Foaming Hand Soap

mickey soap 2If you have a young child in your life, then you are no stranger to dirty hands (probably yours and theirs).  I’m a slight germaphobe, so when I continued to see dirty little hands I knew I had to do something.

After looking around a bit, the answer was clear: Mickey Mouse Foaming Hand Wash by Method.  About $7 for a 2 pack on Amazon.

There are three reasons I love this stuff.

  1. Foaming soap just works better.  It works better than bar soap and better than gel soap.  For soap to work, especially on kids’ hands, they have to use it.  You can’t necessarily count on a kid to wash thoroughly every time, so, the more effective the soap itself, the better.  Foaming soap is lighter and spreads around more easily.  That means it gets on more of the skin.  
  2. Kids are more likely to use it.  What kid doesn’t like Mickey Mouse?  There is an excitement factor here when the kid gets the new soap.  Using the Mickey soap becomes something they want to do.
  3. You know if they washed.  The Mickey Mouse soap has a fresh lemonade scent.  It’s really nice.  But the real benefit is that you can smell the lemon scent on your hands even after you rinse and dry.  So, if you need to confirm they washed, just take a sniff (and send them back to the bathroom, if needed).minnie soap

Now, if you’re worried that your kid prefers Minnie Mouse, don’t be. Method makes the same great foaming hand soap in the Minnie Mouse version – the only difference is that it is Strawberry scented. Goodbye, germs.

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