Glass on top of Glass? Yes. Protect your iPhone.

I’m obsessed with protecting my iPhone (4s, in my case) from damage, whether it’s using screen protectors or cases, but I REALLY love the minimalist form factor of the iPhone, so I have never liked the huge “Otterbox Defender” type cases that double the size of the phone, or more.

There’s a similar problem for screen protectors, and that’s optical quality. I hate having a plastic screen protector because it REALLY takes away from the beautiful bright screen. Well, I’ve found a great solution from a company called Spigen.

It’s a high optical quality tempered thin glass protector for the face of your iPhone that doesn’t interfere with touch, allowing for the same feel as the phone’s face, and adds a nice level of protection. I’d also added on one of their swanky bumper cases, and the result is quite nice.

I’ve dropped the phone several times since I’ve had this new setup, with NO damage. The great part is that if you drop the phone, the “glas.t” will break first! If that happens, just peel it off (it’s safety glass) and toss it, and get yourself a new one.

Check it out over at the Spigen site! Available for iPhone 4/4s, and 5

Spigen Glas.T

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