Buy The Rainbow Loom – Huge Selection of Rubber Bands

rainbow  loom

This is THE gift of the year.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know that the Rainbow Loom is the hottest thing out there for boys and girls.  But good luck trying to find the Rainbow Loom or all the coolest colors of rubber bands at your local toy store or craft store.  The best place to buy the Rainbow Loom, multi-color rubber bands and accessories is on Amazon.  Why?  Two reasons (1) selection and (2) free shipping.

Amazon has a huge selection of Rainbow Looms, all colors of rubber bands (including single color and multi color packs) and accessories.  You won’t find a selection like this at your local store.  And if your kids are getting really creative with their bands, then they need special colors (glow in the dark, anyone?)

If that’s not good enough, then remember that Amazon has great free shipping for some orders over $35.  And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, then you get that great 2 day free shipping on lots of items regardless of price.

You can get a special free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime here.  Seems to me that with the holidays coming up, this would be a good time to try it out.  Oh, and with your trial subscription, you also get unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows on any device from Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service.

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