Prevent mold and mildew…automatically!

DewStop Every smart homeowner knows how destructive water and humidity can be. This is especially true bathrooms.  Unless everyone in your home consistently uses the exhaust fan when taking a shower or a bath, you NEED one of the great devices offered by DewStop.  The DewStop FS-100 is a humidity sensing switch that replaces your existing fan switch and turns on automatically when the humidity exceeds the preset level.

Installing this switch is as easy as installing any light switch (connections for hot, common, and fan power), and anyone with basic DIY skills can do it.  Once installed and the humidity exceeds the preset level, the switch activates the fan and runs it continuously for 30 minutes before shutting the fan off. If your installation requires two switches, then you’re in luck too! In addition to the humidity sensing switch, the DewStop FS-200 has an traditional/non-humidity switch to control a light, etc. Both switches also allow you to manually turn the fan on or off with the push of a button.

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