Milwaukee Angle Grinder

While not everyone will think this is cool, there is no doubt this item is AWESOME!

If you enjoy DIY projects or consider yourself handy and you don’t have an angle grinder, it will only take a few second of use to make you wonder why you didn’t have one sooner. The Milwaukee 6130-33 is an excellent choice, and I just bought and used this tool for first time about a week ago. You expect quality with Milwaukee tools, and I was definitely impressed by this one (not sure about the few negative Amazon reviews, but I believe the issues were related to the end-user and not the tool). The guard is adjustable, and pushing a button allows it to be rotated the optimal position to provide safety for the operator while exposing the cutting head to do the work. The motor is powerful and light, so you can definitely operate the tool with one hand when needed. Cut-off blades, grinding and polishing wheels, and brushes are among the various standard attachment options offered by a variety of suppliers.

I bought the tool to cut cement board and ceramic tiles, and got a DeWalt diamond tip saw blade. I was amazed how easily and cleanly the blade cut through the material. As easily as it cut, I always had enough control to accurately cut holes for the shower faucet opening and toilet drain. If there is a better tool for this job, I’d love to see it.

Don’t forget your safety glasses!

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