The Ugliest (but funniest) Sweaters and Hats for Christmas from The Tipsy Elves

Yes, you saw them on Shark Tank, and they are awesome.  These great sweaters from Tipsy Elves are the best ugly sweaters you can get.

tipsy elves sweaters


A little irreverent, a little raunchy, but a lot of fun.  It may be too late for you to rock one of these awesome sweaters at your 2013 office Christmas party, but get a jump on next year because they are ON SALE.  Nearly 40% the regular price!  Get one for next year and you’ll be the life of the party.  But who knows how long these will be on sale.  You’d better act now.  And, it’s not just sweaters.  Tipsy Elves has hats, glasses, and fanny packs, too.

tipsy elves hats

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