Magnetic Collar Stays Make Your Dress Shirts Look Good

You may have seen the Shark Tank episode where inventor Jonathan Boos got a deal from Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John for his Power Stays brand of magnetic collar stays.  More accurately, the product, sold by Boos’ company, Wurkin Stiffs, appears to be a package of steel collar stays and disc magnets.

The product is great. It’s a brilliant idea because it keeps your dress shirt collars in control and prevents them from flaring out and looking sloppy.  The problem with Power Stays is that they are expensive.  A three pack, like the one pictured will set you back $40!  You can get a package of one set for $20 or a set of three in assorted sizes for $40. While these are nice as a gift because they come in a nice box, if you are just buying them for yourself, I suggest a less expensive approach…

If you want the benefit of Power Stays, but don’t want to shell out $40, then buy stainless steel collar stays and magnets separately. You won’t have the “official” Power Stay brand, but they work just as well.  Plus, you’ll get more collar stays and more magnets for half the cost.  But don’t buy just any collar stays and magnets.  You want good quality stainless steel collar stays and powerful neodymium magnets.  Lucky for you, I did all the research and found exactly what you’ll need. Here’s what I bought:

magnetsNeoMag brand neodymium magnets for about $7. Each of these mini disc magnets is super strong. They measure just 1/4″ in diameter and 1/16″ in height. You may not think that something so small would be so strong, but believe me, they are. And, you can buy 35 of them for only $7.  This is way more than you’ll need, so you can share with friends or use the magnets for other purposes, like on your refrigerator. Plus, they come in a handy little tube.  If you want even stronger magnets, you can get 20 neodymium N52 disc magnets (also 1/4″ x 1/16″) for $9.99.  N52 is the strongest magnet rating there is. I’ve found the NeoMag brand to be sufficient, but if you want them super, super strong, go with these N52s.

staysNext, you’ll need some high quality, stainless steel collar stays. Be careful, some of the collar stays I found on Amazon were reported to be of pretty low quality. They were bent and had an oily residue.  So, I hunted around and found some really nice ones.  You’ll want to pick up the Q Stays brand.  For only $9.95 you get a set of 36 high-quality collar stays.  These are nice, and you get the option of a pack of assorted sizes, or all one size (I got the assorted size pack).  And you’ll want to order them from Amazon because getting them on the Q Stays site will cost you 75% more.  As you can see, these collar stays come in a nice plastic case and each stay is individually wrapped in plastic. On inspection, they were in great condition, and really high quality.

So, if you want some nice magnetic collar stays that don’t break the bank, skip the Wurkin Stiff brand Power Stays and do a little DIY and pick up some good quality NeoMag neodymium magnets and some Q Stays stainless steel collar stays.  All together, you’ll pay $17 and have enough collar stays and magnets to last a long time, do what I did and share them with a friend.

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