Gifts for Guys: Cool Kitchen Knife by Stelton

stelton knife


Here’s a great gift that any guy will love. It’s the 9 inch Pure Black knife by Stelton, a Danish design company. And, it’s affordable at about $70 on Amazon.

The look of this knife is striking. It’s absolutely beautiful because its simple form. Pick it up and and if feels even better than it looks. This thing is perfectly balanced and feels like it was custom built just for your hand. The Pure Black coating on the one-piece chromium steel is smooth, but provides a nice grip. It’s a precision tool that feels almost like a precision weapon. Super cool.

When you pick it up, the first feeling you have is that this knife commands respect. Like a loaded gun. You’ll pause and feel the solid weight, balanced perfectly, and instantly wonder how they made such a beautiful thing. It really is awe inspiring.

Here is the manufacturer’s description: High design and elegance meet in one beautiful knife that has been forged from one piece of stainless steel. The matte black coating provides a superb grip that is not only hygienic but is also very easy to clean. The handle morphs easily into the blade making this the perfect gift for those who enjoy highly functional pieces with a stylish design for their kitchen.

If you like really high quality gifts made with unmatched craftsmanship, then this is the perfect knife to add to your collection–or give as a gift (but you might want to get one for yourself too).

Add this Stelton Pure White Magnetic Knife Holder for about $95 and you’re on your way to a super cool looking kitchen.

magnetic knife bar

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