SOG Aegis Assisted Opening Tanto Knife

SOG_Aegis_tanto openGet ready to up your bad ass status with this thing.  It’s the SOG AE04-CP Aegis Knife with Part-Serrated Assisted Folding 3.5-Inch AUS-8 Steel Blade and Black TiNi Finish.

I know that you’re trying to read these words, but you really keep looking up at that mean son of a bitch and wondering if it’s as bad ass in real life as it is in the picture. Yes. Yes it is. Even badder ass, actually.

I picked one up a while back and can confirm that this thing is sick. The blade is super sharp and really substantial. Take a good look at the craftsmanship in the design. All those angles on the blade remind me of a stealth fighter jet.

This is not a switch blade (there is no button on the handle that causes it to open), but it is an one-handed assisted opening blade. You see that little knobby thing on the blade near the logo? Apply a little pressure with your thumb, and the blade springs open in a flash. It’s super fast. And SOG’s a Piston lock provides safety when in the open position.

The handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon with a black finish and includes checkered Digi-Grip for extra anti-slip security. And there is a clip on the reverse side so that you can put this in a pocket, but keep it within easy access.

This is a great everyday carry knife and it will definitely impress your buddies. Stay sharp. Pick one up at Amazon for less than $60 (where it is far less expensive than buying it from the official SOG site).

There is a mini version–the Aegis Mini Tanto–that is identical, but (you guessed it) smaller. The Mini is 7.1″ overall with a 3″ blade length and the full size is 8.25″ overall with a 3.5″ blade.

Remember how I said that this thing opens in a flash? Check out this video (of the mini version) and see what I’m talking about. It’s at the 20 second mark, incase you missed it.

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If you’re thinking…I know I’ve seen that name “SOG” before, that’s because you’re probably thinking of our post on the SOG F01T Tactical Tomahawk, that Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose talked about on the Random Show.

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