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iCracked toolsSmartphones are great, until you drop it and crack the glass. Then you are usually faced with making one of several undesirable choices: (1) upgrade the phone, if you can, and pay the fee for the new handset, (2) pay $200 and up to have the glass professionally replaced, or (3) continue using the phone with the broken screen. Based on the number of broken handsets I see, it seems like a lot of people choose option 3.

If you consider yourself “handy”, why not consider fixing it on your own? A friend of mine recently dropped a new iPhone 5C and broke the glass within one week of owning it. Apple wanted to charge her $200 to replace the screen. I like fixing things and have friends (who aren’t very handy, by the way) that have fixed phones, so I knew it couldn’t be that difficult and I offered to help. She ordered a kit through made by iCracked. The kit comes with the new glass/circuit board assembly and all of the tools needed to complete the repair. The tool set includes all of the screw drivers specific to your phone model, including the specialty drivers, along with the various other tools needed to disassemble the phone and remove the various cables and parts. The kit also contains step-by-step instructions on how to remove the old glass, transfer various parts from the old glass to the new (like the home button), install the new glass, and put everything back together. The whole process took me about 40 minutes to complete, and I’m sure I could do it much faster if I attempted it again.

If you need it, the available support is GREAT! I encountered a problem with the first step, removing the screws near the charging port (they turned but didn’t want to come out), and I immediately contacted the support staff through the iCracked chat service. They were a big help, and even involved the next level of support to be sure my issue was resolved. The support provided was efficient and thorough, and I even sent questions by email to the higher level support staff throughout the process. The emails were all answered within several minutes, which left me more than impressed with their communication and willingness to help. Also, if you run into trouble at any point, there are great videos online both at the iCracked website and YouTube.

If you have an Android phone, you will need to look at companies other than iCracked. The good news about Android models is that the screen/circuit board design is different than the iPhone and some of the kits are available as glass-only (no circuit boards attached), and the replacement parts are far less expensive.

Below are some links to popular phone models offered at Amazon:

Have an old phone with a broken screen that is collecting dust in a drawer? Fix it and sell it, donate it, or give it to someone you know. Best of luck on your repair!

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