Rent an Audi A4 with Silvercar

Silvercar is a new car rental service promising a no-hassle experience, premium cars loaded with features, and a great price. There is only one car option: a silver Audi A4 (nice!).

For now, Silvercar is just getting started and operating at the following airports, and more locations are expected soon:

  • Austin – AUS
  • Dallas – Love
  • Dallas – DFW
  • Denver – DEN
  • Ft. Lauderdale – FLL
  • Los Angeles – LAX
  • Miami – MIA
  • Phoenix – PHX
  • San Francisco – SFO

If you like this and appreciate All the Coolest Stuff for sharing, use the referral code “taumann” when you signup. Once you’re signed up, be sure to find your referral code and get your friends signed up too. Each referral earns $25 to your account after your friend’s first rental. See Silvercar for details.

From Silvercar:
Silvercar is the airport car rental experience re-imagined. Designed especially for the connected business traveler, Silvercar delivers a fast, frictionless, consistent experience, featuring a single, premium car model every time — the Audi A4.

By using a smartphone to sign up, reserve, and select and unlock the car, Silvercar customers get on the road without delay. The return is just as streamlined and features easy drop-off and instant e-receipts. There are no lines, no counters, no hassles, and no upsells, and our friendly, experienced concierges are always nearby to assist as needed.

Silvercar pricing is simple, transparent and just better (different / the way it should be) than other car rental companies. Our A4 pricing is as low as $59 or as high as $99, but never more. (SIMPLE)

AMAZINGLY most of the time the price will be $59. We always start at $59. (TRANSPARENT) As car availability becomes limited (because everyone loves Silvercar), the price will change up to $99. (TRANSPARENT)

Don’t forget our value promise…

The A4 is SUPER COOL, unlike other rental cars, and loaded with GPS, satellite radio and WIFI for FREEEEEEEE! (DIFFERENT / THE WAY CAR RENTAL SHOULD BE)

You also save time and heart-ache. No paperwork, lines or cancellation/change fees. No OUTRAGEOUS fuel or toll charges. No charge for additional drivers. (DIFFERENT / THE WAY CAR RENTAL SHOULD BE)


Or this…

As a first time renter, you get $50 off your first rental (FOR FIRST TIME)

You can also earn $50 if you refer a friend to save off your next rental (FOR REPEAT)

Check or the mobile app for current rates for your travel location and dates. You can do so by selecting a location and the days you wish to travel for an estimated total, including taxes and fees.

Go ahead… give us a drive.

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