Get Your Steak On With a Cast Iron Skillet by Lodge


Lodge is the only cast iron cookware maker based in the good old USA.  That’s cool, but what really makes Lodge the best is the quality and price of their cast iron skillets. I ordered the 12″ pre-seasoned model (about $27) and it’s a solid thing of beauty.  The thing is heavy, so you’re going to need some muscles to lift it. And what better way to build those muscles than to get some protein. So use that new skillet to fry you up a nice sirloin steak. It’s a lot easier than you think. Just check out how Chef Gordon Ramsay does it in this quick video:

You might also want to pick up a set of tongs, so you can do it right, like Ramsay. Here’s the set I picked up from Precision Kitchenware ($9). Good stuff.

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