Send Glitter to Your Enemies

send revenge glitter smallGlitter is wonderfully horrible. OK, on second thought, it’s just horrible. It shouldn’t exist. How do they even make this stuff? It doesn’t matter. It does exist, and the only legitimate use for it is to absolutely ruin someone’s day.

And the way to do that is to send an envelope full of it to your enemy. That is the sole mission of Send Revenge Glitter. This is a super simple thing. You pay them $9.99 and provide them with the name and address of the asshole who’s day (or week – depending on how good their vacuum cleaner is) you want to ruin, and they send the anonymous glitter bomb in the mail. This probably should be a federal offense, but it’s not. It’s just awesome.

So, go send some revenge glitter today. If you want to send some to me, my address is: 123 Never Gonna Happen Rd., Hell No, NY. 10001.

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