The Best Socks for Summer – No Show Socks

It’s summer and you want to wear shorts, but figuring out what shoes to wear is always a problem. You want to wear socks, but regular socks look foolish with shorts. Flip flops are easy if you’re at the beach, but what about walking around the city in casual shoes, like these Tommy Hilfiger Mustangs?

tommy hilfiger Mustang

You need No Show Socks.  You see, you want to wear socks, but you don’t want to look like you’re wearing socks. You want to wear socks because your feet sweat. That sweat stinks and it seeps into the leather or fabric or your shoes and that accumulated sweat really stinks. So, you need a good pair of no show socks. The problem with most no show socks is that they either ride up too high (so you can actually see them) or they ride too low and and they slip off your heel.

no show socks

What ya gotta do is get you some of these no show socks by Jays Barely There / Stomper Toe.

These are very highly rated (4.4/5) on Amazon, and I can tell you that they are great.  They’re premium quality, have a great fit and are 100% no show. They are 75% cotton so keep your feet cool and comfortable (and they absorb that sweat so your shoes don’t). They won’t slip off because they have a large silicon grip on the heal. Available in White, Grey, Khaki, Khaki Green and Black. At $13-$16 for a three pack, these are very cool.

And if you’re like the rest of us, and actually have to work a bit over the summer, you’ll still need some good socks for the office. Your best bet are these Gold Toe socks that stay up all day and will not let you down.

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