Weber grill make-over

Grill with bars

Grill with grates

Weber Burner

Flavorizing bar

Weber stainless grate
If you have a Weber grill, you know how great they are and how long they last (mine is going on 12 years now). But, as good as Weber grills are, eventually they need a little TLC to keep them cooking their best. You can even get them working BETTER than new! Give your grill a makeover by replacing the critical parts that may have gotten rusted, corroded, or just plain filthy. Better still, replace them with stainless steel parts that will last longer than the parts that may have come with the grill when it was new.

Over the past few years, I have replaced and upgraded the burners, the grill grates and the “flavorizing” bars (long, tent-shaped pieces that cover the burner flames). On my grill, these parts weren’t made from stainless steel in it’s original configuration. However, I like the grill so much that I decided it was money well spent to upgrade to the stainless steel versions when I replaced them. I couldn’t be happier. And, while there are some vendors offering Weber “equivalent” or “compatible” parts, do yourself a favor and stick with the Weber brand.

Don’t forget your grill brush and cover!!

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