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Pixie 4 packThere have been several crowd-funding efforts for products designed to help people keep track of their things, but All the Coolest Stuff cannot wait for Pixie! Why do we like it? To start, the price! You can get started for about $40, which gets you a 4-pack of Pixie tags. At $10 to track an item (additional savings when buying multiple 4-packs), we’re guessing you’ll feel that Pixie pays for itself the first time you use it to find your keys, wallet, charging cable, etc. Next is the battery life, which is advertised as lasting up to 18 months. Pixies also have the unique ability to communicate with one another, and this helps better triangulate the location of each device and communicate with the device (phone/tablet) you are using to find your things. Finally, the app is super cool and gives your phone/tablet the “superpower” to see through walls (check out the demo to see what we mean).

Many crowd-funded products never see the light of day, but we are very optimistic about Pixie and it is due to ship this summer.

Here are a few fun facts from the Pixie site:

How does Pixie work?
The Pixies talk to each other and then sync to the Pixie app that performs sophisticated triangulation. This “Location Engineering” breakthrough is manifested in an Augmented Reality display on the smart phone where an X marks the spot, even if it’s on the other side of a wall or buried under a cushion.

What does a Pixie Pack come with?
During our pre-sale campaign you get 4 Pixies, plus an adapter for your key chain or pet’s collar, and other accessories for just $39.95.

How big are Pixies?
Pixies are small, just 47mm by 35mm. They are also thin, just 3.2 mm thick.

Are Pixies waterproof?
We designed Pixie for everyday life, because sometimes life gets soggy. Pixies go through a special internal coating process which turn them into water resistant creatures Pixies can get wet, and even be submerged in around 3’ of water for about 30 minutes and be perfectly fine. For all you water resistance nerds, Pixie has an IP67 certification.

How far away can Pixie locate things?
Pixified objects can be located up to 150 feet away with the Pixie App. Everyone’s home is different, but a range of 30’-50’ indoors is typical. If you have solid metal walls, for instance, your range may be more limited.

How accurate is Pixie – will it tell me exactly where to find something?
Pixie is super accurate! Pixified objects can be located down to inches of their location.

What if I left something behind at another location, can Pixie find that too?
Yes! With the Pixie app, you can see the last location of your Pixified item on a map.


What are you waiting for? Pre-order Pixie right now!

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