Reversible USB Cords from BelayCords

There’s nothing really exciting to say about USB cords. At least there never has been until BelayCords launched on KickStarter and blew away their goal of raising $4,000. In the end they raised over $400K and delivered a really nice product. I know because I backed them and received my BelayCords.

belaycords main body

So, what’s so special about BelayCords? They are the first USB cords that are reversible! This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” things. How often have you tried to plug in your USB cord and had to flip it over because you had it turned upside down? Well, I can tell you that on a long enough timeline, it’s 50% of the time (I’m good with numbers). But you will not waste those microseconds anymore with BelayCords because they fit either way you flip them.

But that’s just half the story, because BelayCords are also great looking and super durable. The cord itself is wrapped in a beautiful braided string that is reminiscent of rock-climbing rope (hence, I believe, the name’s reference to belay). And they come in several great colors. Also, these cords are built to last – the connectors (both sides) are strong metal, not plastic. And they come with a neat little attached strap with embedded magnets that keeps the cord wrapped and organized when not in use. BelayCords come in Apple Lightning connector (pictured below) and 30 pin (for older Apple devices) and both Micro and Mini USB for just about every other device. They are a little pricey ($30 at Amazon), but they are so worth it. I’ve have a pair of these for several months and I really love them.


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