ThinOPTICS Reading Glasses

It really sucks to need reading glasses, but on a long enough timeline, we’ll all be there. That doesn’t mean we have to suffer with crappy plastic glasses that make us look even older. ThinOPTICS are the answer. Not only do they actually look cool, but the design is awesome.

thinOptics flex

ThinOPTICS reading glasses include a universal Pod Case with non-residue adhesive allowing case to stick to your phone or any other hard flat surface. The patented shatter-proof lenses are produced from thermo-injection molded optical grade poly-carbonate; they weigh less than a nickel and are as thin as a credit card, allowing them to virtually disappear on your phone.

thinOptics people

ID Flex-grip technology creates comfort and stability enabling ThinOPTICS reading glasses to flex open and grip any nose up high or down low. They come in 11 colors and 3 strength options. And they are guaranteed for life. Get them on Amazon for about $25.


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