Sriracha Obsessed – The Rooster Hot Sauce Phenomenon

According to this chart from a 2014 article at FoodBeast, hot sauce is, well, hot. The popularity growth of the spicy condiment is on a trajectory that is blowing away other, lesser condiments.

Leader of the pack, in brand recognition and brand loyalty, if not in sales, is Sriracha sauce. But not just any Sriracha sauce — Huy Fong Foods brand in particular. You might not have known this, but Sriracha is merely a type of hot sauce and not a brand name itself. That’s because the Huy Fong Foods brand, with its trademark rooster on the bottle, is ubiquitous and wildly popular with just about all hot sauce lovers. There are other great hot sauces out there, like my favorite, Frank’s RedHot and the ever popular Tabasco, but Sriracha fans are obsessed.

So obsessed, in fact, that fans wear their allegiance to the spicy slather like a badge of pride. And increasingly, there are many ways for fans to show their loyalty to the rooster.

sriracha tshirt

Sriracha t-shirts come in classic red, but also white and black.

sriracha sockssriracha lounge pants










For the lower parts of your body, you can get Sriracha socks and Sriracha lounge pants.

sriracha lunch box

If you want to kick it old school, or just make your kids the coolest in the classroom, hook them up with this Sriracha lunch box.

There are so many fun ways to swear your loyalty to the rooster, that we couldn’t possibly name them all, so check out this great group of spicy Sriracha products, including the original hot sauce.

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