The Coolest Cooler – Battery, Blender, USB, and More!

The Coolest Cooler is literally the coolest cooler ever! It’s an awesome cooler that comes in three fun colors: Blue Moon, Classic Orange, and Margarita Green. This is great to take to the beach, to a picnic or party, and any other event during those hot summer days (even the hot winter days in the Northeast). The Coolest Cooler can become a part of epic memories with loved ones, family, and friends.

cooler body 1

It’s 24 x 19 x 17 inches and weighs about 38.5 pounds. The Coolest Cooler includes a built in ice-crushing blender with rechargeable battery, which is great for refreshing cocktails and smoothies. It’s good for approximately 16-24 pitchers of whatever kinds of drinks you fancy. It also comes with a Bluetooth outdoor speaker which is splash proof. It’s amazing to enjoy hours and hours of your favorite songs to relax and listen to, or even dance to!

cooler body 2

There’s also a built in Waterproof USB charger, LED lid light, and bottle opener, and double wide wheels. The Coolest Cooler also contains built in plates, a ceramic knife, a corkscrew, and a removable divider/ cutting board. Basically all the things you need to have an amazing time wherever you are. There’s absolutely nothing out there like the Coolest Cooler. It really puts other coolers to shame. It’s fun, convenient, easy to use, a definite must have for any event.

You can pick up the Coolest Cooler for about $379.00 on Amazon. As long as the Coolest Cooler is present, you know it’s a guaranteed party starter!

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