2016 Dry Erase Wall Calendar from NeuYear – Seize the Year!

Every year around this time I look forward to receiving a cylindrical package from the postman because I know that inside that mailing tube is my huge, new dry erase wall calendar from NeuYear. I’ve been buying these every year since they started making them and I wouldn’t be able to plan my year without one.

One of the great things about this calendar is that it’s really two calendars in one — one side has the year in portrait view (perfect for a door) and the other is landscape view (my personal choice for my wall).

neuyear calendar body

  • Big wall calendar – 39″ x 27″
  • Dry erase surface – works with dry wipe markers
  • Sunday first – week starts with Sunday
  • Months flow into each other – unique and innovative format
  • Stylish, hip and cool design

Now, make sure you get the right model calendar. NeuYear offers a few options and they range in price from about $22-$28. Some are dry erase and some are plain paper. Their whole calendar line up is here. The have academic year calendars, as well. And some people really like the off-white option with blue printing. I prefer the greyscale model pictured above, but to each their own.

neuyear off white

Whatever your choice, you won’t be disappointed. I just hung mine on my office wall yesterday and I am ready to fill in those days with amazing productiveness.

Oh, and you’ll want to pick up some dry erase markers. I have this 4 color pack: Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers with Ultra-Fine Tip (about $5) and I am very happy with them. And if you want to do a “professional” wall-mounting job, you can get some double sided tape. But I just hack it and use good old Scotch tape, which works well.

Enjoy! And get out there and be productive. Have a great 2016!

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