KeepCup – The Coolest Way to Drink Your Coffee

We’re not going to lie. We were initially attracted to the KeepCup simply because of it’s sleek, stylish design. It’s unique appearance garners questions and compliments from baristas and other coffee lovers all the time. It’s not often you find a transparent, glass portable coffee cup – especially one that isn’t bulky and awkward like many thermos style options that are out there. But there is a method to this java madness.

keepcup body

The KeepCup was designed by Australian baristas with the intent to minimize landfill waste from disposable cups and lids. Their eco-friendly design is non-toxic (BPA free) and recyclable – which is great if the super-durable, tempered glass were to ever break (unlikely).

keepcup featuredThis design isn’t just ideal to keep our planet clean – it aides your barista (or you) in creating the perfectly blended cup of joe. It’s clear glass allows your barista to see exactly what’s going into your cup, ensuring you have the most delicious cup of coffee every single time.

The KeepCup comes in 8, 12, and 16 ounce models and is microwave safe – just in case you need to reheat. Your coffee should stay perfectly hot for at least 30 minutes though. This travel glass is great in the car too! Protect your hands from hot coffee with the comfortable cork grip – and prevent spills with the flip-top opening.

You can pick up the KeepCup on Amazon (in black and white) for around $32.00. 

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