Automatic Pet Bowl for Worry-Free Feeding

No more leaving happy hour to rush home to feed Fido.  No more measuring!  No more guilt that you forgot to feed the pooch the day before while you are sitting in a meeting and can’t do anything about it. This automatic dog feeder does it all. Fill it up with dry dog food and set it to feed Fido every 24 hours. You don’t have to think about dog food for another 6 days! It’s small enough to fit in a corner of any room, and when Fido hears the device turn on to make his daily food compartment available he runs to it, its as if its saying “Come and get it!”
auto pet dish body

The automatic feeding disc has 6 compartments made of durable plastic that is easy to wash. Highly recommended for all you forgetful pet owners and and those who prefer to maintain a consistent feeding schedule for their furry friends. Pick up the Lentek 6-Day Automatic Pet Dish for about $47 on Amazon. Great for cats too!
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