Move Over, Cards Against Humanity… Exploding Kittens is Here

Get ready to blow up your game night because Exploding Kittens is here. Exploding kittens aren’t a figment of someone’s twisted imagination anymore thanks to this epic card game. Fans of strategy games will enjoy working around exploding kittens, lasers, and goats in this Russian roulette style game for multiple players. Take turns using cards to diffuse and distract the exploding kittens. But watch out! If you’re caught without a way to diffuse or distract the kitten, you’re dead — out of the game.  The last player to survive is the winner.

exploding kittens body

This family-friendly card game broke records on Kickstarter as the #1 funded game EVER on the site.  This version, rated for ages 7 and up, is a great addition to family game nights.  Exploding Kittens also comes in an NSFW version for grown-up game nights.

exploding kittens featured

The game comes with 56 playing cards, all which feature hilarious artwork from The Oatmeal. Do you think you can survive Exploding Kittens? Find out! You can pick up Exploding Kittens on Amazon for about $20.00.

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