How to Remove Deodorant Stains and Build-up from T-shirt Armpits with Deo-Go

You’ve probably struggled with trying to figure out how to remove deodorant or anti-perspirant stains, and worse yet, caked-on build-up from the arm pits of your t-shirts. It’s a huge problem that has only a few mediocre solutions. But I found a solution that really works – Deo-Go.

I’ve tried the DIY hacks that use vinegar and baking soda, bleach (on white t-shirts), Oxi Clean, or other combinations of various things, and they only “sort of – kind of” work. They might slightly reduce the stains and build up, but they do a pretty bad job. There are lots of videos on YouTube that show people trying to solve this problem, only to show underwhelming results.

So, I dug around to find the best solution. It’s a product called Deo-Go Underarm Stain Remover.

Before Deo-Go Treatment

Before Deo-Go Treatment

Warning: this is not some magical product that you just squirt on your t-shirt and your stains disappear. If you buy it expecting that, you’ll be disappointed. That said, if you follow the instructions, Deo-Go does work. It not only removes stains, but it removes old, set-in, caked-on deodorant build-up that has been there for a long time. But again, you have to use it according to the directions. And following the tips below will help, too.

After Deo-Go Treatment: Notice that most of the stains are gone, but some (which I did not scrub thoroughly) remain - see red arrow.

After Deo-Go Treatment: Notice that most of the stains are gone, but some (which I did not scrub thoroughly) remain – see red arrow.

Here are the instructions that Deo-Go recommends — but note my tips below to get really good results:

Quick 3-Step Process:

  1. Check first: Deo-Go can be used on any color garment, but it’s always best to test a small area for color-fastness.
  2. Spray ’n scrub: Turn garment inside out. Spray a liberal amount directly onto the stains, ensuring both sides of the fabric are wet. Scrub the stain with a short bristle brush, and leave for 30 minutes. For those tougher stains, give it another scrub!
  3. Machine it: Wash the garment (separately from other items) according to its normal washing instructions.

My tips:

  1. Here’s the thing: The “quick” process is not quick. You’ll be tempted to just squirt this on your shirt, rub it a little and hope for the best. That will NOT work. You need to really super saturate the stains directly with a lot of the liquid and scrub the the stains thoroughly with a brush for a long time – at least a minute. When you think you have scrubbed it enough, you need to douse the stain with more Deo-Go and scrub it even more. With my experimenting, I have usually gone through three or four cycles of saturating the stain and scrubbing (I used an old tooth brush, which worked well).
  2. Another great tip is to spread the armpit fabric across an over-turned drinking glass to make a platform that you can scrub the fabric against. This is really crucial because otherwise you cannot get the forceful scrubbing needed to make the product do its job.
  3. Another thing is that you need to let the Deo-Go soak in and dissolve the caked-on deodorant for at least 30 minutes. Deo-Go contains muriatic acid and/or hydrochloric acid (the bottle says muriatic, but the website says hydrochloric) that works on the stains to dissolve them.
  4. That leads to the final tip: wear gloves. I didn’t wear them, and it didn’t really injure my skin, but it seems to have a drying effect, and it makes your hands smell nasty. Better safe than sorry.

So, to recap: this stuff works, but you have to make it work by following the instructions and tips above.

Pick up a small bottle of Deo-Go (about $6) at Amazon to see how it works for you. If you like it, pick up some more.

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