DIY Foaming Hand Soap Saves You Money

Foaming hand soap is great. Because of the foaming nature, it cleans quickly and effectively. And it just feels great for some reason. The problem is that it’s expensive. I had been using Dial Complete foaming hand soap for a while, but it is pretty pricey. Even the refill sized bottles are expensive. And, because the soap itself is a very thin liquid, it gets used up fast.

The solution is to make your own foaming hand soap by re-using an old pump bottle. That last point is the key because it’s the specially designed foaming pump dispenser that actually makes the liquid soap foam when it dispenses. And you can’t just fill a foam pump bottle with “normal” liquid soap because it is too viscous and doesn’t allow the dispenser to infuse air to get that foaming action.

So, here’s what you do: mix one part regular liquid soap with about 6-7 parts water in an old foaming pump bottle. The ratio of liquid soap to water is important because you don’t want the mixture to be too thick.

bronner dial

I happen to like to like using Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soaps to make my foaming hand soap mixture. I add about 1 ounce of Dr. Bronner’s (I like the citrus scent) to about 6.5 ounces of cool water. (Tip: add water slowly so that it doesn’t foam up in the bottle, then gently mix it by slowly swirling). The result is a perfectly smooth and creamy foaming soap that smells great and cleans great too. And when I buy the 32 ounce size of Dr. Bronner’s (about $17 on Amazon), I can make 32 refills of my foaming pump bottle for about $17. That would cost well over $100 if I bought a new pump bottle every time I ran out.

Give this a shot. You’ll love it.

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