Sexy Pokémon Go Halloween Costumes For the Ladies

It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween. And given the Pokémon Go craze this summer (see video below of a Pokémon stampede in Central Park), I think we know what we’re going to see at every Halloween party come October 31. The sexy Pokémon Female Pikachu Costume.

sexy pokemon picachun costume

So, ladies, get your sexy Pokémon Pikachu Costume now before they sell out.

Not a Pikachu gal? Well, there are plenty of other Pokemon costume options to choose from.

And, fellas, who wouldn’t want to catch one of these rare beauties? You’ll need to be prepared. So grab some plush Poke Balls to gently toss to the ladies.

pole balls

Or maybe you want to be your own Pokemon and rock a cool hoodie.

men's pokemon costume

Happy Hunting…


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