Get the Slingshot you always wanted: Hella Slingshot #4

Remember that slingshot you wanted when you were a kid? That one your parents wouldn’t let you have? Well, in case you forgot, you’re all grown up and can do whatever the hell you want, including getting that slingshot. The good news is you don’t have to go out and find the perfect tree branch and some rubber tubing, because Hella Slingshots has you covered.

Get the Hella Slignshot #4 from Amazon today. You can also pick up some (lame, but inside safe) felt slingshot ammo. But also get some wooden ball slingshot ammo for a little more punch. And if you really want to relive your childhood, get some steel ball ammo too. Just be careful and don’t shoot your eye out.

Here’s the description of this cool slingshot from Hella Slingshots:

“This Hella Slingshot is the real deal. It’s just like the wooden slingshot you used to make as a kid, but with an added touch of grown up craftsmanship. Each one-of-a-kind slingshot is handmade in San Francisco from forked tree branches, carefully stained with a walnut finish, twined in shellacked hemp, and outfitted with a leather projectile pouch using natural latex tubing and imitation sinew. Perfect for hiking and camping trips, powerful enough for slingshot hunting. Buy a slingshot, head outside and cause some mischief.

Details: Because each slingshot is one of a kind, dimensions vary. Height will fall between 7”–10″, width between 3”–6″. For ages 5 and up. Adult supervision required.”

Pick it up on Amazon for about $40. Good deal.

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