Minimalist Lifestyle: Reusable Bamboo Paper Alternative Towels

After a recent move from New York City to Austin, TX, I was outfitting my new apartment with new things, including mundane things, like cleaning supplies. I bought a bunch of rolls of paper towels and with all the cleaning and dusting, I went through them very quickly.

Then I remembered an episode of Shark Tank where I saw a guy who had invented a paper towel alternative, made from bamboo fiber. I thought I’d give it a try. So, I looked it up on Amazon and found it: Bambooee – the Un-paper towel.  A 30 roll sheet is only about $8.50, but that same roll is the equivalent to 429 paper towel rolls because each sheet is washable (machine or in the sink) and is super durable.

I have been using only a singe sheet for over a week and it has been great. It’s more absorbent and MUCH stronger than paper. It’s more like a chamois cloth, but stronger. It’s super soft and gets softer after use.

I’m really impressed with Bambooee and I highly recommend it. It saves money and the environment.

A little trivia for you: bamboo is the fastest growing plant and have been observed growing up to 35 inches per day!

That reminds me, for every roll you buy, the Bambooee company plants a tree. That’s pretty cool.


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