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Find your stuff with Pixie

There have been several crowd-funding efforts for products designed to help people keep track of their things, but All the Coolest Stuff cannot wait for Pixie! Why do we like it? To start, the price! You can get started for about $40, which gets you a 4-pack of Pixie tags. At $10 to track an […]

Weber grill make-over

If you have a Weber grill, you know how great they are and how long they last (mine is going on 12 years now). But, as good as Weber grills are, eventually they need a little TLC to keep them cooking their best. You can even get them working BETTER than new! Give your grill […]

Rent an Audi A4 with Silvercar

Silvercar is a new car rental service promising a no-hassle experience, premium cars loaded with features, and a great price. There is only one car option: a silver Audi A4 (nice!).
For now, Silvercar is just getting started and operating at the following airports, and more locations are expected soon:

Austin – AUS
Dallas – Love
Dallas – DFW
Denver […]

Fix your iPhone

Smartphones are great, until you drop it and crack the glass. Then you are usually faced with making one of several undesirable choices: (1) upgrade the phone, if you can, and pay the fee for the new handset, (2) pay $200 and up to have the glass professionally replaced, or (3) continue using the phone […]

Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and she definitely deserves something cool. Forget flowers and get her something that she will love. Whether is it fashion, fitness, jewelry, or something else, make your one-stop shopping site this year.
If you aren’t sure what to get, don’t stress and consider one of the available gift […]

DirecTv Backlit Remote

In 2015, can you imagine owning a TV and not using a remote control? If you’re like me, you also can’t image using a remote control without backlit keys. Almost without exception, the standard issue remote control provided by satellite and cable providers is of the non-backlit variety. Operating these remotes in low-light situations is […]