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Best Smartphone Stand for iPhone and Android

If you’re a fan of Kevin Rose, you’ll appreciate this. Kevin has a new email newsletter called The Journal — go here to sign up.  Kevin sends an interesting email once a month with the various things he’s been exploring. You can see back issues of The Journal here.
One of the cool items Kevin mentioned […]

The Coolest Cooler – Battery, Blender, USB, and More!

The Coolest Cooler is literally the coolest cooler ever! It’s an awesome cooler that comes in three fun colors: Blue Moon, Classic Orange, and Margarita Green. This is great to take to the beach, to a picnic or party, and any other event during those hot summer days (even the hot winter days in the Northeast). […]

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid is a part of the epic Star Wars world that continues to expand and grow in popularity. It’s specifically from the latest installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and is known as one of the most relevant items pertaining to the movie. It’s an interesting and fun remote controlled robotic toy, […]

ThinOPTICS Reading Glasses

It really sucks to need reading glasses, but on a long enough timeline, we’ll all be there. That doesn’t mean we have to suffer with crappy plastic glasses that make us look even older. ThinOPTICS are the answer. Not only do they actually look cool, but the design is awesome.

ThinOPTICS reading glasses include a universal Pod Case […]

Reversible USB Cords from BelayCords

There’s nothing really exciting to say about USB cords. At least there never has been until BelayCords launched on KickStarter and blew away their goal of raising $4,000. In the end they raised over $400K and delivered a really nice product. I know because I backed them and received my BelayCords.

So, what’s so special about […]

International Travel Adapter Plug Set

Just hours before I left my apartment for a trip to Europe (Brussels, Paris and London), I forgot that I didn’t have a power adapter for my US-power-configured electronics.
I didn’t panic because… Amazon Prime Now to the rescue.
I used the Prime Now app to order two of these great adapter kits from Ceptics. The kit comes with […]