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International Travel Adapter Plug Set

Just hours before I left my apartment for a trip to Europe (Brussels, Paris and London), I forgot that I didn’t have a power adapter for my US-power-configured electronics.
I didn’t panic because… Amazon Prime Now to the rescue.
I used the Prime Now app to order two of these great adapter kits from Ceptics. The kit comes with […]

LED Light Bulbs Will Save You Money – a LOT of Money

Update – December 28, 2015 – these bulbs have dropped even lower in price – now less than $21 for a 6 pack. Good deal.
OK, this may seem a bit boring, but ATCS gets really excited about a good deal, especially one that can save you money and help the environment at the same time. Back […]

A High-Tech Selfie with The Soloshot2

Selfies are great because they allow unpopular people with no friends to have their pictures taken without bothering strangers. But the selfie has met its match with the Soloshot2. This amazing device is essentially a robot cameraman. It consists of a base, to which you attach your video camera and a small sensor, which you […]

The Minimalist Bathroom – FLYT Solo Stand for Razors and Toothbrushes

Some things are so simple and elegant they make you wonder why it took someone so long to come up with them. A great example is the FLYT Solo Stand for razors and toothbrushes.

These precision CNC machined and handcrafted stands are made in the USA from solid, aerospace-grade aluminum. They are compact and have a great […]

Find your stuff with Pixie

There have been several crowd-funding efforts for products designed to help people keep track of their things, but All the Coolest Stuff cannot wait for Pixie! Why do we like it? To start, the price! You can get started for about $40, which gets you a 4-pack of Pixie tags. At $10 to track an […]

Weber grill make-over

If you have a Weber grill, you know how great they are and how long they last (mine is going on 12 years now). But, as good as Weber grills are, eventually they need a little TLC to keep them cooking their best. You can even get them working BETTER than new! Give your grill […]