Hyperjuice Mac Battery (Formerly “HyperMac”)

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As someone who has to travel a lot for work, I often spend stretches of time on planes browsing the web or working or watching movies, and while some airlines are figuring out how to supply power for laptops, many others aren’t.
That brings me to the Hyperjuice Laptop battery for macs. These suckers REALLY extend […]

BlueLounge Milo

One of the few annoying things I’ve found about mobile phones including the iPhone is the lack of good simple solutions for propping them up while I’m working away at my desk or on my nightstand especially. It’s rather annoying to find a great bedside alarm clock app only to have to prop up my […]

BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber Laptop Armor

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I’m not going to lie. I’m a little obsessed with keeping my Macbook, my iPhone, and my iPad safely free of scuffs and other cosmetic damage. Part of that is because I’m an early adopter so I end up selling “old” devices on Ebay, and […]

BlueLounge CableBox reviewed

If you’re a minimalist (or aspiring minimalist, like me) and like to keep things tidy, then you will love the Bluelounge CableBox.  The idea is amazingly simple (as most of the best ideas are).  It’s a box in which you place your rats nest of power cords and power strips to clean up the look […]