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Best Smartphone Stand for iPhone and Android

If you’re a fan of Kevin Rose, you’ll appreciate this. Kevin has a new email newsletter called The Journal — go here to sign up.  Kevin sends an interesting email once a month with the various things he’s been exploring. You can see back issues of The Journal here.
One of the cool items Kevin mentioned […]

Reversible USB Cords from BelayCords

There’s nothing really exciting to say about USB cords. At least there never has been until BelayCords launched on KickStarter and blew away their goal of raising $4,000. In the end they raised over $400K and delivered a really nice product. I know because I backed them and received my BelayCords.

So, what’s so special about […]

Fix your iPhone

Smartphones are great, until you drop it and crack the glass. Then you are usually faced with making one of several undesirable choices: (1) upgrade the phone, if you can, and pay the fee for the new handset, (2) pay $200 and up to have the glass professionally replaced, or (3) continue using the phone […]

Buy iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Lightning Cables For Less

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If you have an iPhone 5 or a new iPad or iPad Mini, then you know that Apple switched from the 30 pin connector cable to a smaller 8 pin connector called the Lightning connector.  If you buy them from Apple, they’re expensive ($19).  You want to save a few bucks, but beware the cheap […]